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Posted On: 4/27/2018

Move in experience

I was looking for a new home for 2 months until i found Island Palms. Monica Pille who helped me is absolutely amazing, went out of her way and took her time with me to make sure I found what I was looking for. She made sure I was happy with everything and any picky concerns I had she quickly solved it happily. I have never had such a welcoming experience when finding a home. And the maintenance guys John and Richard were very nice during the process as well and made sure I was happy with my new apartment too! So thank you so much I am so excited to be living at Island Palms!
By: Chelsea Lindner     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 12/26/2017

Long-Term Good Tenants a Community Should Want to Keep

I moved to Oasis Island in 2012. The girls in the Welcome Center know I care about what goes on in this community. Having a long-term tenant saves your company money. I have seen about 5 families move from the apartment next door to me. A company loses money when an apartment is vacant. It's costly to have to replace the rugs and repaint the apartment. Long-term tenants should be rewarded for helping to keep the cost of maintaining apartments down. But instead, my rent was increased causing me to struggle even more to pay my bills. I am retired and only receive $1,385/month. Each year my rent increases more and more. The new tax law should help businesses save on their taxes so businesses can pass on the savings to their tenants in the form of not increasing their rent so high to cause them to move. I believe corporations have a social responsibility to help the community. A lot of American people are struggling just to be able to afford the necessities of life - food clothing and shelter. It shouldn’t be this way in America. Rent increases can reach the point where you can't afford your apartment any longer and need to move. If you can't afford another place to live, or a home to buy, or you don't have family to move in with, you become homeless. Because of all these increases in my rent, I’m beginning to look at other communities that don’t charge high rent, and I’m also considering purchasing a home. Bridge Property Management will lose a good tenant and one that rents for the long term. If I see any potential problems, I contact the Welcome Center. The stop sign was down once. Before any accidents happened, I contacted the police but they told me it was the rental community's responsibility. I contacted the Welcome Center and they fixed the problem. This may have prevented an accident and law suit being filed against Oasis Island. This past year, I have seen domestic abuse on the rise. Police have been called so many times to respond to this problem here.
By: C. Henry     Verified Resident
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